Alexander Charme Hotel

    Saturday 27 November, 8 days, 2 persons incl. lift pass, Half board

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    Lift pass/skis & classes

    Lift pass included. Click on the price in the table below to see more info regarding duration.


    The lift pass for children born on or after 01-01-2012 is free. Children born between 01-01-2004 and 31-12-2011 and seniors born before 01-01-1955. These discounts will be automatically added to your booking. When picking up these lift passes, ID is required for children and seniors.


    On the spot you pay a deposit of € 5, - for your lift pass.


    A passport ID is required when picking up a lift pass with a discount.

    The above fees and discounts are valid only when booking through Sunweb. Other rates are used at the resort.

    Lift pass (extra info):

    In step 2 of the booking process it is indicated for which days the lift pass is valid. If you want to use the ski lift on a different day than indicated in step 2 of the booking process, please contact our contact centre by telephone. It is not possible to change the days of the lift pass once you have arrived at the destination. If you wish to extend the lift pass, it can often be booked as an extra. The price for extending the lift pass can be found in step 2 of the booking. If you choose “no lift pass”, the discount can also be found in step 2 of the booking process.

    You can specify that you would like to include ski and snowboard hire directly when booking.

    A helmet for children and adults is not included in the rental of ski and/or snowboard equipment.

    For children from 3 to 7 years old it is mandatory to wear a helmet. You can purchase these yourself or rent them on the spot.

    The following types of material can be booked:

    This material is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. This material is particularly agile, so it makes turning and breaking easy. Parallel skiing is also possible with these skis.


    This is ideal material for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The material is agile, but also suitable to cut corners sharp. Even at high speeds these skis provide great performance.


    These skis and snowboards are made of high quality material, and are perfect for experienced skiers. This comfortable material is suitable on all track types and snow conditions.


    These are high performance skis and snowboards with the latest technology, and are suitable for the most experienced skiers.

    TIP: Tell our rental partner your exact requirements (eg off piste skiing) so they can help you select the right material.

    Your travel group

    This accommodation has special conditions for groups of different sizes. Please fill in the size of your group.

    Older than 17
    2 up to 16 years old
    1 year and younger