Book now and get Sunweb’s free & unique Ski Guarantee as part of the package!


    If you book with Sunweb, you are promised a snow-filled break in the Alps. There is nothing more annoying than having a skiing holiday fall apart due to a lack of snow. Here at Sunweb, we understand this and will do everything that we can to move your holiday to another destination!

    Have you already booked and would like to take advantage of the Ski Guarantee? Read below on how to apply for the Sunweb Ski Guarantee. View our blog for the lastest about our Ski Guarantee.

    How do I apply for the ski guarantee?
    You will need to fill in the form. It will be sent to the Sunweb Team automatically. Please complete our ski guarantee form.

    When should I apply for the ski guarantee?
    You should apply at the latest 5 days before your holiday is set to start.

    When do I get a response to my request?
    Sunweb will contact you 3 days before your holiday is set to start to discuss the plan of action!

    Am I entitled to the ski guarantee from Sunweb?
    Every situation is different. Please view the Ski Guarantee Terms and conditions and complete the form if you think you qualify.

    View the Ski Guarantee Terms and conditions


    Advantages of Sunweb’s Ski Guarantee

    • It is free!
    • You are guaranteed snow
    • Valid in 121 of our destinations
    • No snow? No worries! Rebook your holiday or get a refund!

    Ski Guarantee will apply if:

    • The highest point of your destination is at least 2000m
    • If less than 1/3 of the lifts are open 4 days before your departure

    How does it work?

    • Check if you qualify by reading the conditions
    • If you think you qualify, fill in the form
    • Sunweb will receive the form and check the booking & conditions. If you qualify, we will contact you about the next steps.
    View the Ski Guarantee Terms and conditions
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